The Club's Double Vaccination Policy

The Club Committee has been monitoring various health restrictions that have been introduced across the State by the NSW Government during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This included completing and registering mandatory Safety Plans which cover the Clubhouse, Gazebo and the Community Markets which have been arranged by the Club over the course of the year.

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With the lifting of various restrictions upon reaching the 80 per cent level of double vaccinated NSW residents aged over 16, in its health advice to hospitality venues, the NSW Government decided that it will allow the owners and/or managers to decide on the vaccination status of members and patrons wishing to enter or use a venue.

In the notice to Members sent in November the Committee wrote that entry to the Clubhouse including the verandah will be restricted to only people who have been double vaccinated. Since then a few members have asked whether the Gazebo is considered to be covered by this Policy. The answer is ‘no’ as it is NOT a part of the Clubhouse; is an outside area; and is in a Crown Reserve managed by Council which has had a Plan of Management with our Club for approximately 20 years.

Our Clubhouse building (including the verandah) falls under the definition of “hospitality venue” within the meaning of NSW Health Orders. The Club Committee has decided on the appropriate approach to take regarding the safety and welfare of our members and patrons who wish to enter the Clubhouse building.

Accordingly, and until further notice the Club’s policy is to allow only people who have been double vaccinated to enter the Clubhouse and to require every person to show proof of their vaccination status, or an accredited medical authorisation for not being vaccinated.

We believe everyone coming to the Clubhouse will respect and comply with this Policy.

In an interesting development since this Policy was announced by the Club, a meeting of members of the Forster Liquor Accord which includes the major clubs and hospitality venues in our region decided to introduce a similar policy until 31 January 2022.

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