You don’t need to live in the Great Lakes area to become a member. In fact, many members visit our area when on holidays here, as after all, it’s a perfect destination. We do not have classes of membership so every member is entitled to enjoy all benefits of belonging to the CAC.

  • One Year Membership
  • Three Year Membership
  • Five Year Membership

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One Year Membership - $20

Three Year Membership - $50

Five Year Membership - $80

Terms & Conditions

Raffle tickets by mail – statutory obligation
I/we hereby agree to receive via mail a single book of raffle tickets once per year for me/us to sell on behalf of the Club in order to raise funds. I/we also accept my/our legal obligation (as a member of a not for profit organisation) to return these tickets (whether sold or not} or stubs to the Club’s Secretary by the complying date.

Consent to Photograph
I/we hereby consent to Coomba Aquatic Club Inc or its assigned representative photographing the members listed above whilst engaged in Club activities and give the Club permission to use the photographs for Club promotional purposes.

When participating in Club events, I/we understand that aquatic activities carry a heightened risk. I/we accept full responsibility for my/our person and the family members covered by this membership when participating in Club sponsored activities and races. I will not hold liable the Club, its management committee or membership.

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